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National University Bangladesh Admission Results 2012

2 Jan

National University Bangladesh Admission Results 2012

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The National University was developed beneath 1992 below a good serve associated with assembly to the Authorities of the people’s state associated with Bangladesh on cover as opposed to folks of the established Universities of nation. Both the Cultural College provides the complete education at student and post-graduate point beneath colleges/school which usually made linked for you to different public universities since freedom. On someone thousand pupils are generally look into in more than 1600 colleges/organizations linked for you to it university.

Bangladesh National University is a parent university of Bangladesh which was primarily established to affiliate all the universities and colleges. It is situated in Gazipur, on the outskirts of Dhaka.

Degree Year-1

Degree Year-2

Degree Year-3





Hon’s-1st Part

Hon’s-2nd Part

Hon’s-3rd Part

Hon’s-4th Part




Masters 1st Part

Masters Final




MBA 1st Semester

MBA 2nd Semester

CSE 1st Semester

CS 1st Semester

CS 2nd Semester

LLB 1st Semester

LLB Final

Library Science

M.Sc. In CS